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Sep 27, 2017
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Posted by: bart
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Wood Chickens - Countrycide

Countrycide, indeed! Mix fast-paced garage, punk, and hillbilly country music and you’ve got Wood Chickens. What San Francisco’s Polkacide did for polka music, Wood Chickens are doing for country music. Never fear, though, this isn’t the Nashville sound or the Grand Ol’ Opry. This is fucking hardcore punk music with lots of backwoods twang. I never would have thought this as a natural combination, but I guess in Wisconsin the cheese does weird things to your brain and it makes you come up with brilliant ideas like this. Of course it’s all tongue in cheek, but it’s quite convincing. Not everything is countrified, though. “King of Siam” is an awesome surf throwback to the 60s, and “Bones” is a breakneck paced garage track. “Satan’s Right Hand” has a Cajun sort of sound, while “Song for Flightless Birds” is a raging hardcore punk track right out of the 80s. It’s a crazy mash-up of genres here, but it works really well.

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Sep 25, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: bart

Vinyl Cave: "Countrycide" by Wood Chickens


AUGUST 14, 2017

Sep 25, 2017
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Posted by: bart

Great Review from Razorcake on the Wood Chickens LP - Countrycide. Winner, winner, Chicken dinner!

WOOD CHICKENS: Countrycide: LP

The cowpunk genre is dangerous territory for me in that I’m unfamiliar with the roots and am quite indifferent to country music entirely (from Johnny Cash to Merle Haggard to Garth Brooks: not fucking sorry). Wood Chickens are definitely doing the cowpunk thing—right down to the cow skull on the cover—but songs like “Angie Hosh,” “Hex on Me,” and “Dyin’ on the Vine” are straight-up hardcore punk not unlike Everything Falls Apart-era Hüskers. “Flesh ‘N’ Blood” is a very Minutemen-esque song that also rules pretty hard. I was almost ready to dismiss this as forgettable alt-country (the Refreshments, et cetera) or even as Flogging Molly without the fiddles and accordion, but I’m really glad I gave this a closer look because there’s so many more layers to this record than just that. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! –Juan Espinosa





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May 15, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: bart
Cheap Freaks "Play Four Songs" on Big Neck Records 
Even in the Internet age it seems rare to hear about garage-punk bands on the other side of the ocean. There are pockets of singles I hear about occasionally on France’s Les Disques Steak or Atelier Ciseaux, but I can't remember the last time I heard raw stripped down punk pop coming out of Dublin from The Cheap Freaks. Bass guitar/vocalist Robbie Brady from The Things got together with guitarist/vocalist Alan Dodd a few years back and this single was recorded back in 2009 and is just hitting shelves now a couple years later. This direction is an early loud and scuzzy start that could instantly belong in any number of contemporary scenes.
May 2, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: bart

Best Freeby and Best Demo of the Week

Best Freeby:


Birthday Suits – Wonderland America

The Birthday Suites were doing an East Coast Tour last week (thank god some bands still believe in the east coast) and made a stop in DC.  For all that do not know who the Birthday Suits are, they are Hideo and Mathew from Sweet JAP fame and they are the most awesome two people on this earth.  Not only are they the nicest guys I have ever met, but when they are playing live you have never heard or seen two people play so LOUD and put on such a sensory overloaded show.  In short they kick everyone’s ass.  I mean that.  I went to the show and hung out with the both of them and Hideo gave me a copy of their new single out on Asian Man Records!


Me and the Boys

There are only three two piece bands that I have ever liked in history, Bantam Rooster was the very first and it was Tom Potter that introduced me to the idea that two people could carry the stage and a full set of songs.  It was the Birthday Suits who introduced me to the idea that two guys could create a wall of noise, nay a barrage of rock, no a Tsunami of Sound!  They are amazing because they sound like a full band and in their new single, they do not disappoint.  Great guitar hooks with Hideo’s voice lacing the song throughout with chorus after chorus.  Mathew’s drumming just never ceases, Dave Grohl would stop and gaze in wonder at the abilities of Mathew and how he beats the hell out of his kit and just plain creates a beat that you can literally feel changing your heart rhythm.  These three songs do not disappoint and I whole heartedly recommend pick this up ASAP.

Best Demo of the Week:


Well speaking of Tom Potter…


Aaron Aducci (ex-Blowtops) called me a couple months ago and told me that the Fatal Figures wanted to do something different.  His idea was to bring Tom Potter in from Detroit for a weekend write a bunch of songs and then go record with the infamous Jim Diamond.  I laughed a little, but they did it.  Tom came, they wrote and they went to Diamonds.  Before the trip to Detroit, Scott the drummer for the Fatal Figures ended up with a bit of a health issue, so he could not make it to record.  Thank god the drummer from the infamous garage rock band The Dirtys was available to record with them.  They pumped out 9 great tunes where Tom sings on 4 songs, Aaron on 3 and Tracy on 2.

You can definitely tell the difference, Tom’s songs are slightly more to the straight ahead punk rock side and brings to mind a cross between the full rock sound of the Chrome Spiders with the speed and anger of Bantam Rooster – so good.  I have always loved Aaron as a lead singer and he does not disappoint, singing three song ala the same vein as the Fatal Figures, loud, noisy, Pussy Galoresque Garage Rock.  The surprise is when Tracy gets up to the mic.  If you know Tracy, she is one of the sweetest nicest girls I have ever met and she commands the mic in these songs.  Singing a couple really poppy, hook driven punk rockers, my favorite being ‘Ovary Action’.

Great friggin demo and hopefully we will have this sucker out by the end of the year.


Apr 21, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: bart

Record store day has come and gone and we have hundreds of people who keep asking us how to get a hold of the compilation because their local record store was not smart enought to carry it.  We saved a couple hundred for this purpose.

HOLLYWOOD - Love Child it out too!  This record kicks so much ass its unbelievable.  If you do not believe me, go to Big Neck's Sound Cloud page and listen to "Up All Night" or "Fingers."

Both of these records are for sale in the Specials link on under the store.  Click on it and buy both of them!