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Aug 29, 2014
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Posted by: bart
Fatal Figures are the members of The Blowtops latest, a band I'm just getting to know also on Big Neck Records. These guys are making it happen in way way western New York where it's winter six months a year. Buffalo was the big city we would occasionally drive to to either go across the border to drink in Canada or go to Darien Lake and see a huge show. I played with someone from Buffalo who would tell me about all kinds of cool shit that was happening and I imagined living there one day. Their latest builds on that garage intensity with some hardcore influences while keeping that raw, live sound.

......
Aug 18, 2014
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Posted by: bart


Sonny Vincent - 'Cyanide Consommé' (Big Neck Records)

 I'm on it and will shout from the rooftops once more: Sonny fucking Vincent has a new record out and you should buy it because it's a killer release crammed full of fourteen noisey, punk rock attitude, rock and rolla, motherfucking songs! Now thats 'Cyanide Consommé' pretty much in a nut shell!

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Aug 13, 2014
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Posted by: bart

Madison garage-punk outfit Fire Retarded‘s debut full-length, ‘Scroggz Manor,’ crams a lot more melody, swing, and space into the thwacking frenzy the band has cultivated at its shows and on last year’s ‘High Horse’ EP. (Previously, they’ve teased the album online with “Meat Stairs” and “Nothing Said.”) The relatively new band still centers around guitarist Tyler Fassnacht’s raw, often screamed vocals and drummer Alex Ross’ direct, shambling rhythms. The addition of Hussy member Bobby Hussy on second guitar (full disclosure: Bobby and I work together a bit at MadCity Music Exchange), who also recorded the album, helps to flesh out the approach here, including new versions of two songs from the EP. The album’s closing track, “Overrated Kayak,” is a much bigger surprise, running longer than five minutes to the band’s usual two-minutes-ish, and slowing down for a bit of jangly, sweetly sad power-pop. But for now, I wanted to focus on what the band does with the one minute and 45 seconds of “Brain Burger,” cramming a catchy vocal melody into the verses even as Fassnacht and Hussy’s guitars cultivate a deceptively unstable, messy feel before tightening up for a prodding, shouted chorus. Stream the song above.

‘Scroggz Manor’ is due out in April on Big Neck Records. Fire Retarded’s next show is Saturday, March 22 at the Crystal Corner Bar.

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Oct 24, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: bart

Eric Davidson's new band the Livids just got out of the studio where they recorded a bundle of songs.  Eric posted a couple to their bandcamp page.  Take a listen.  They are AWESOME!


Oct 10, 2012
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Posted by: bart

Along with the Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb roughs Jim Diamond also sent us the new Seger Liberation Army songs.  5 new songs that kick ass.

  • Death Row
  • Inner Venus
  • Looking Back
  • Lucifer
  • Very Few

We are taking the 5 new songs and the 8 already released on the SLA CD and putting them all on an LP to be released in early 2013.


Oct 9, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: bart

Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb went to Jim Diamonds to record their album at the end of September and I have been listening to the roughs all weekend.  They are amazing!  Jim has recorded a masterpiece of rock n roll - punk rock!


Look out for the album in early 2013.