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Aug 18, 2014
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Sonny Vincent - 'Cyanide Consommé' (Big Neck Records)

 I'm on it and will shout from the rooftops once more: Sonny fucking Vincent has a new record out and you should buy it because it's a killer release crammed full of fourteen noisey, punk rock attitude, rock and rolla, motherfucking songs! Now thats 'Cyanide Consommé' pretty much in a nut shell!

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Aug 13, 2014
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Madison garage-punk outfit Fire Retarded‘s debut full-length, ‘Scroggz Manor,’ crams a lot more melody, swing, and space into the thwacking frenzy the band has cultivated at its shows and on last year’s ‘High Horse’ EP. (Previously, they’ve teased the album online with “Meat Stairs” and “Nothing Said.”) The relatively new band still centers around guitarist Tyler Fassnacht’s raw, often screamed vocals and drummer Alex Ross’ direct, shambling rhythms. The addition of Hussy member Bobby Hussy on second guitar (full disclosure: Bobby and I work together a bit at MadCity Music Exchange), who also recorded the album, helps to flesh out the approach here, including new versions of two songs from the EP. The album’s closing track, “Overrated Kayak,” is a much bigger surprise, running longer than five minutes to the band’s usual two-minutes-ish, and slowing down for a bit of jangly, sweetly sad power-pop. But for now, I wanted to focus on what the band does with the one minute and 45 seconds of “Brain Burger,” cramming a catchy vocal melody into the verses even as Fassnacht and Hussy’s guitars cultivate a deceptively unstable, messy feel before tightening up for a prodding, shouted chorus. Stream the song above.

‘Scroggz Manor’ is due out in April on Big Neck Records. Fire Retarded’s next show is Saturday, March 22 at the Crystal Corner Bar.

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Jul 25, 2014
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A band who seem intent on trying to be this year’s Old Firm Casuals when it comes to most mentions in The Uber Rock Singles Club are garage punk rock leg-ends The X- Rays. Seemingly not content with just releasing a mighty fine split 7" with The Hip Priests. Gary X-Ray and his bunch of reformed punk rock reprobates return via Big Neck Records with a 3 track pink vinyl 7 " all of their own. 'Jameson Shot' kicks things off in fine form too all squealing guitars and overdriven vocals, this is supershitty punk rock to the max make no mistake. 

'Drinking For My Baby' (I’m noticing a them here are you?) on the B side continues the frenzied attack bringing to mind Gary's days spent fronting those Hip Hop Priests. Whilst 'Retaliate Now' the final track here actually has guitarist G-Man conjuring up images of Wayne Kramer at times proving to be a welcome distraction to the usual nonstop chaos the guys conjure up. The X-Rays are back with a bang with this 7", but make sure you get your copy before it’s too late.



Jun 25, 2014

Big Neck Fest Day 1 Review

It has been over a week since the Big Neck Fest 2014 in Buffalo, NY and I think it is time to review.  Before we dive into Day 1 I want to extend my thanks out to Malik Von Saint who set all of this up.  Without him, Buffalo would have been without this festival for another few years.  He organized the nights, took care of the door, governed the money, and got those bands rolling on time (no small feat). So again THANKS MALIK!


Let’s start with Day 1, Thursday June 12...

Category: General
Posted by: bart

It has been over a week since the Big Neck Fest 2014 in Buffalo, NY and I think it is time to review.  Before we dive into Day 1 I want to extend my thanks out to Malik Von Saint who set all of this up.  Without him, Buffalo would have been without this festival for another few years.  He organized the nights, took care of the door, governed the money, and got those bands rolling on time (no small feat). So again THANKS MALIK!

Let’s start with Day 1, Thursday June 12.  First off this was a pretty hectic day for me, I was working down in Orlando for the last 3 days and had to hop on a flight to Buffalo at 8 pm amongst airport delays and thunderstorms up and down the east coast.  Cory drove up to Buffalo a few days earlier.  I landed in Buffalo airport at 10:30 pm, hopped in the car, and turned on the phone to a barrage of texts from the bands about where the hell was I and the show was about to start.  I raced downtown to Nietches and seriously rolled in just as The Fatal Figures got onstage.  Aaron’s first words into the mic were, “Bart Hart is here, decided to finally show.”

As everyone knows, Aaron Aducci from the Fatal Figures/Blowtops/Beasteater/Suck/Backstabbers was one of the first people to help me out with the label.  His hard work to find great music to put out, has gotten Big Neck to the 100 release mark this year.  So, Malik and I thought it appropriate that they kick off the festival.


They were amazing.  Maybe the best band we saw both nights.  They played all new songs and the shocker of the night was that Traci was playing second guitar.  No Bass.  Their stage presence showcases years of playing in different bands.  Aaron has what looks like, drunken guitar playing style were he seems to stumble around the stage while Traci stands off to one side head banging and rocking out.  The coolest part of their show is always Scott, who is fearlessly destroying his drum kit and beating the hell out of the songs. 

The set continued to amaze me because Aaron kept losing guitar strings and both he and Traci were out of tune, but it was way too good still.  They just plane rocked and would not let anything stop them.

At the end of the set, they did a couple covers and one of them was a Tunnel of Love cover.  Aaron dropped his guitar and just grabbed the mic.  The crowds reactions was unbelievable, there was not one person at the bar, the whole nightclub was in front of the stage watching Aaron dive/jumping around the stage destroying (in a great way) the cover song.  What a freaking great start to the show, what a crazed, energetic and utterly entertaining set by one of the best bands playing today.

Fatal Figures SET LIST:

Next up was Governess, this is Robot Rob’s new band.  Robot has been in Buffalo playing in a ton of bands since the early 90’s.  I absolutely used to love his band the Superdestroyers who were supposed to do a record for Big Neck but broke up too soon. 

Governess swaggered to the stage dressed head to toe in black leather and dark eye make.  Yes, they were channeling Turbonegro mixed with a bit of Motorhead and Spinal Tap.  They were great!  They rolled up on stage and just started belting out amazing cockrock tunes.  Kevin the guitarist was ridiculously amazing, that guy was living the role and killing the crowd with riff after rift.  Their drummer literally never stopped pounding his kit. 

Robot Rob, what can I say, he was an immaculate front man.  He had the looks, the bass moves, and the vocals that threw the crowd into a frenzy.  I went apeshit!  This came straight out of left field.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to be at this show.  They kicked tune after tune out into the crowd and everyone loved it.

I met Miss Alex White earlier in the night and she was one, very cute, and two very sweet girl.  I loved her when she was in the Hot Machines and especially with the Red Orchestra. I have issues with most two man bands, because they get real boring real fast.  There are only two, two man bands that I have ever loved in history and they are (in order) Bantam Rooster and The Hussy.  Yes, the White Stripes definitely could hold their own.

So Alex and her drummer took the stage and dove into a series of psychedelic, garage rock. This is a type of music I am kind of done with.  Being done to death in Chicago and tends to bore me quickly.  I do have to say Miss Alex White and White Mystery tried to change my mind.  She rocked out and put on a great show. She had her red hair flipping around like like she was playing metal and was laying out some great vocals.  All in all they were good.

The final band of the night was Soul Butchers. Soul Butchers have won a ton of accolades in Buffalo for their brand of rock n roll.  In fact their song “See Me Again” was written up in several articles for how good it is.  And honestly it’s a great song that has a lot of Pony’s vibes in it.

Soul Butchers took the stage and Rob from The Trailer Park Tornados plays bass in this band.  He is a great bass player, entertaining as hell on stage and one of the best people I know.  The lead singer kick started the set with a megaphone vocal and then dove in further from there.  Their guitarist was fantastic he came up with some amazing riffs and played perfect.  We were picking on him from the crowd due to having 4 guitars up there and tuned to go, but honestly the jokes fell flat because he knew how to play the hell out of every guitar.

The lead singer was going through a crazy vocal range with the songs, from a megaphone, to a throaty hardcore growl, to actual singing.  I have to say that when this guy sang, he was right on.  He had a great voice and knew how to use.  They closed out the first night with a strong set that impressed the hell out of me.

Soul Butchers SET LIST:

Day 1 was over and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Day 2 is next and I hope it kicks as much ass