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Jan 7, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: bart
We have great news, we are building a brand new E-Store for the website.  This way you will get you records much faster.  Normally I end up packing records a couple times a week, now with the new E-Store connected to the warehouse your records will be shipped immediately!
Dec 27, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: bart

Best freeby of the week:

Butcher Cover S/T LP - Rob from Tractor Sex Fatality and Butcher Cover and now Musk sent me a copy of the Butcher Cover LP.  It is something that scares the primal part of my being. If you like your punk rock/garage rock sounding like a crazely blown out freight train, going downhill as fast as possible, and slightly out of control, you must have this right now.  I do love Rob's vocals and the guitar just grinds out heavy riff after heavy riff, luckily the bass and drums keep carrrying the music forward at a nonstop pace.


Best Demo of the Week:

Undergirl from Philly - Girl fronted rock n roll/punk rock and do these girls know how to write great rock tunes?  Yes.  Real good straight up rock with an edge that leans towards the garage rock/punk rock.


Dec 27, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: bart

Alright it’s been a while since I posted and I’ll be having a big batch of reviews coming soon as well as my best of 2012 list! So stick tight for that!

But! Before we get into the review for the highly anticipated debut LP by Fatal Figures we should give ya a little info about where this band came from…Fatal Figures is made up of three members of the now defunct Blowtops:  a high octane, extremely prolific beast that was a completely revered Buffalo, NY institution. Out of their ashes comes an uncompromising breath of fresh punk air.  Caterwaul is Fatal Figures debut LP (out on our good buds’ label Big Neck Records) and I know this has been in the works for close to two years. There are moments on Caterwaul that make me think of an amped up and bass-laden Bantam Rooster (“Television” and “Party Girl” most notably). The over the top drawly delivery mixed with the staggering guitar riffage harkens back to the Crypt Records catalogue in all the right ways. On the A-Side closer, “Wayne Bent”, you find the band grappling with lumbering, drugged out lows. The nonchalant vocal delivery is a perfect complement alongside the meandering bass and riveting drums that hold this dirge together.  But I think they really hit their stride on the B-Side. Most notably with the EXCELLENT cut, “New God”, where female and male vocals collide to great effect. Overall, this record will pummel you, albeit quickly….very quickly. The whole thing is a flash of wild punk aggression that’s over after nine short bursts…basically you’ll want to catch this while you can…before it flies by and yr stuck on yr couch drunk and listening to the blank hum of a stereo cranked too loud with no tunes flowin’ outta it.



"Sonny fucking Vincent has a new record out and you should buy it because it's a killer release crammed full of fourteen noisey, punk rock attitude, rock and rolla, motherfucking songs! Now thats 'Cyanide Consommé' pretty much in a nut shell!" - UBERROCK




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