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Aug 9, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: bart
Yes, the third volume of our acclaimed Special series is for sale.  Go to the online store and under specials you can get another great box of 10 singles for $10.
Aug 9, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: bart
STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB: Haunted EP: 7” DC’s Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb have awesome dual male/female vocals and are an ideal example of a mainline, straightforward formula working incredibly well. A lot of male/female vocal bands suffer from one singer outshining the other, but both voices here are similarly snotty, complementing one another nicely. Maybe I’m a softie, but it’s records like this one that make me want to go out and shake negative scenesters who think that there isn’t amazing music being created today. Even the most jaded listener would have to concede how darn energetic and magical this 7” is. We’re talking pure punk perfection here. –Art Ettinger (Big Neck,
Jul 12, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: bart

If anyone has any live recordings of Big Neck Bands like the Baseball Furies, Blowtops, Sweet JAP, ect...

We would love to hear them! 


Distributors and Stores

If you are a record store that carrys Big Neck Swag and you are not listed, email us at bigneckrecords@usa.netand we will add you to the list.  If you are looking to carry Big Neck swag, below are Big Neck's current distributors.  If your local record store does not carry Big Neck have them order it or start a one man riot!


Carrot Top

3716 W. Fullerton Ave

Chicago, IL 60647



USA Distribution

2745 16th Street

San Francisco, California 94103


Get Hip 

1800 Preble Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15233


Dischord Records

2700-B North Washington Blvd

Arlington, VA 22201


Stores that carry Big Neck Swag:

Spiral Scratch Records

291 Bryant St.

Buffalo, NY

Goner Records

2152 Young Ave.

Memphis, TN

Chaz’s Bull City Records

2600 Hillsborough Rd.

Durham, NC. 27705

Permanent records

1914 West Chicago Ave.

Chicago, IL  606022

1234 Go!

Oakland, CA

2nd Avenue Records

Portland, OR


Boone, NC

Crooked Beat Records

Washington, DC

Dave's Records

Chicago, IL

Reckless Records Chicago

Chicago, IL

Lost Weekend Records

Columbus, OH

Angry Young and Poor

Lancaster, PA

Blue Arrow Records

Cleveland, OH

Boo Boo Records

San Luis Obispo, CA

Deadbeat Records

Moscow, ID

Everybody's Records

Cincinnatti, OH

Finder's Records

Bowling Green, OH


Lima, OH

Haffa's Records

Athens, OH

Hi-Voltage Records

Tacoma, WA

Independent Records and Video

Colorado Springs, CO

Kim's Video and Music


Music Matters

St. Augustine, FL

Omega Music

Dayton, OH

Rainbow Records Barrington

Barrington, IL

Silver Platters

Seattle, WA

Spoonful Records

Columbus, OH

Square Records

Akron, OH

Sweat Records

Miami, FL

TKO Records

Huntington Beach, CA

Twist and Shout

Denver, CO

Used Kids Records

Columbus, OH

Vinyl Conflict

Richmond, VA

Waterloo Records

Austin, TX































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