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Feb 20, 2014
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Posted by: bart

Fire Retarded on Gloryhole Records


Heather and Bobby from The Hussy were passing through Brooklyn last week with a little band called Nobunny. It was one of the sold out shows they were playing supporting that bad ass up and down the east coast and even shared the stage with Mr. No at Baby's All Right, I witnessed that freaking debauchery with my own forever scarred eyes. It's awesome to see a band that's been so great from the very first single and I get equally excited when so many other people start to see it too. Why am I even talking about Bobby and the Hussy in this post? Because in addition to running his label, Kind Turkey, Bobby has been recording and mixing his own records and this single from Fire Retarded (which I instinctually spell 'reatarded') he ended up playing guitar on and joined the freaking band for a tour and maybe for good(!) last month. I'm sure the rest of these guys are great too but Bobby's involvement had me reaching to throw this on the turntable the minute I opened it up.
Feb 10, 2014
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Posted by: bart


This is a great interview that our good friend Todd Killings from HOZAC, Horizontal Action, and Victim of Time did with Sonny Vincent last year.  Check it out, its awesome:


Feb 5, 2014
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Next up on our list of exciting releases is the Activations.  This is the new power punk band put together by Dan from the Radiobeats.  They have four members, Dan on guitar and vocals, Read on Guitar, TFP on Bass, and Max on drums.

What I love about this band is that they play punk rock with a heavy 70's influence in their songs.  The song, " Why Why Why" has an incredible guitar that brings to mind punk mixed with those early 70's rock bands.  It delivers tough hard chords that drive you into a brick wall over and over.   Its f'n great.

They are having their record release show February 22, 2014 but there debut release from Big Neck will be out in April.



Xray's - "Jameson Shot" 7"


300 on colored vinyl



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