New Releases

New Releases:

Combo Pack

The NVs - Trust Fun Suicide and The Xrays - Jameson Shot

BN088 + BN091

300 of each on colored vinyl

The NVs - Trust Fun Suicide 7"


300 on colored vinyl



Xray's - "Jameson Shot" 7"


300 on colored vinyl



Big Neck Tee's

Just in time for Summer Big Neck has a new tee shirt in White and Gray! 

Lizzy Borden hacking the Big Neck Records logo.

Sizes and Color


Big Neck Record Store Day Compilation




Cheap Freaks

Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


600 on creepy mixed colored vinyl




500 Clear Red Vinyl

500 Black Vinyl 



Mean Jeans/HOLLYWOOD split - "Mark" Re-release


400 Blue Vinyl


Fatal Figures - "Caterwaul" LP


Aaron, Tracy, and Scott recorded this masterpiece over at Jim Diamond's Ghetto Recorders!  They wanted to capture a raw, loud, live sound that only Jim and his analog equipment can snag.  And they did it!

I said this in the news, this records embodies everything I love about Rock N Roll.  Its loud, with guitars, bass, and drums trying to tear apart the needle on your turn table.  Plus, every song is about rock n roll, sex, drugs, and cults...

Comes with a download card!


Catching Up with Big Neck singles collection Vol. 3

BN036 Detonations – Spy in a Magazine

BN037 Tractor Sex Fatality – Live it Down

BN038 Blowtops – Mad Monk Medication

BN041 Dirty Fingers – The Name of the Game

BN046 Worst – Earache

BN047 Things – Psycho-Sound

BN049 The Fitt – Elastic Pacific

BN055 Electricutions – Sedition, Subversion, and Espionage

BN057 Functional Blackouts/KK Rampage split



Catching Up with Big Neck LP collection Vol. 1
We are selling the first 5 Big Neck LP's for only $25 and we are throwing in the Blowtops "Blood and Tar" 10" for free!
Catching Up with Big Neck CD collection
We are selling all available Big Neck CD's in once giant set.  23 CD's for $20.  This is U.S. only, if you are elsewhere and want to purchase, email us at so we can determine your shipping correctly.
You will get:
1.BN012 The Mistreaters - Grab Them Cakes
2.BN014 The Lost Sounds - Memphis is Dead
3.BN020 The Blowtops - Black Static
4.BN025 Sweet JAP - Virgin Vibe
5.BN035 Pain in the Big Neck Comp
6.BN039 Baseball Furies - Let it BE
7.BN040 Radio Beats - Ready to Shake
8.BN042 - Baseball Furies - American Psycho
9.BN043 Trailer Park Tornados - Mato Al Contacto
10.BN044 Blowtops - Insected Mind
11.BN045 Tractor Sex Fatality - Black Magic White Pussy
12.BN050 Night Terrors - Cobras
13.BN052 Red REd Red - Mind Destroyer
14.BN054 Tunnel of Love - Rock n Rollin Bitches
15.BN056 Blowtops - This is a Zombie
17.BN062 - KK Rampage - Without Feelings
18.BN065Baseball Furies - Throw Them to the LIons
19.BN068 SLA - Down Home
20.BN070 TSF - Blood Eagle
21.BN074 - Sworn Liars - Vile Device
22.BN079 Red Red Red - New Action
23.BN080 Hollywood - Stunts
HOLLYWOOD Lot - HOLLYWOOD is getting ready to release their new LP "Love Child" Early this summer, but we need to make room in the warehouse for it by moving their first few releases.
You will get:
HOLLYWOOD - "Girl" 7"
HOLLYWOOD - "Hits! An All Time Low" LP
HOLLYWOOD/Mean Jeans - "Mark" EP
Baseball Furies Lot - All the Big Neck Baseball Furies releases in one shot.
You will get:
BN020 - The Baseball Furies - "Greater Than Ever" LP
BN039 - The Baseball Furies - "Let it Be" LP
BN042 - The Baseball Furies - "American Psycho" CD
BN065 - The Baseball Furies - "Throw Them To The Lions" LP
Volume 2:
BN021 Sagger – Skull Rider
BN022 Seger Liberation Army - Heavy Music
BN023 Concubine Forming - Stiff
BN024 The Strong Come Ons - Yell a lot and Suck
BN026 The Fitts - II
BN029 Seger Liberation Army - 2+2=?
BN030 Radio Beats - Blow You Up
BN031 Sick Fits - Mirror Creeps
BN032 Trailerpark Tornados - ...Don't Mind The Maggots
BN033 Locomotions - Teacher
Volume 1:
To celebrate Big Neck Records 15 year aniversary we are running packaged specials to help new fans catch up with the great rock n roll of Big Neck.  Each Volume will have 10 singles and it will be delivered in a custom painted Big Neck Records Box.  Every 2 months we willl release another low priced package.  In Volume 1 you will receive:
BN005 The Blacks – Call The Shots
BN006 The Halfways – She’s a Heartattack
BN007 The Mistreaters – Stranded
BN008 7-10 Splits – From the Tall Corn Country
BN009 The Distractors – Shake It Up
BN010 The Blacks – Shattered
BN011 Trailerpark Tornados – Heros of the Hopeless
BN015Bantam Rooster – Mexican Leather
BN017 $20 Whore – Teenage Fuckin’ Boredom
BN018 Moorat Fingers – Actung Deuschbag
New Releases:
Cheap Freaks began life just over two years ago.  While on a recording session in Berlin with The Real Junk (Robbie Brady’s then side project from The Things with Humanzi front man Shaun Mulrooney), they were joined by friend and musician Al Dodd, guitarist and chief songwriter for the now defunct DC Pakt.
Only a few months after the band had started, and with a catalog of demos, they decided to head to Berlin to record their debut LP with Real Junk producer Tom Schwoll. Due to reasons many and varied these sessions did not go as well as they had hoped and only a handful of the tracks were deemed usable. New sessions started in Dublin in late 2010 with Sean Coleman at Qube Studios. These sessions proved much more productive and along with a couple of the Berlin tracks and home demos comprise the bands debut LP 'Bury Them All’.
Since forming the band have built a dedicated local following, toured Germany, opened for the likes of the Buzzcocks, Jay Reatard, The Black Angels and have been invited to open for Beady Eye on their Irish tour next month. Their second EP “Teenage Brains” was released in February 2011 and received glowing reviews and radio play and they have recently released a limited edition double A-side single. The release of their debut album “Bury Them All” will coincide with a European tour in September 2011 which will take in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal along with some dates here at home in Irelands set for release in May 2011
One reviewer wrote:
This is retro garage punk from another dimension. There is so much intensity and badassery condensed in this woefully short record. Surf rock guitar flying in from outer space, heating up and melting into organs and tambourine. It crash lands in your ears and all of a sudden you’re dancing along.
Once called "a slightly more political version of Mudhoney,"(wtf?), DC's (Stop Worrying &) Love the Bomb play fast n' dirty punk rock that's somewhere between garage and pop punk. Attempting to pilfer the Teengenerate/New Bomb Turks sonic playbook with duel dick/tit vocals, SW&LTB play short, densely packed sets, taking breaks between songs usually just when a string breaks, an amp blows a fuse, or to insult one another. They're not re-inventing the wheel, but you ain't either, pal.
500 black vinyl
Plates are the newest punk rock sensations to come out of Buffalo NY. They have inherited the crown that the Baseball Furies left back in 2000 when they moved to Chicago. And they have been killing it. The new Buffalo Music scene has been spearheaded by these guys. Great angst driven punk rock n roll.
500 black vinyl
Mean Jeans, HOLLYWOOD - says it all-More!
Mean Jeans out of Portland Oregon team up with HOLLYWOOD from Baltimore to destroy rock n roll in one AWESOME EP!
Mean Jeans from Dirtnap Records and their critically acclaimed "Are You Serious" LP,  were heading down to Gonerfest and asked if HOLLYWOOD from Big Neck Records who just released their "Stunts" LP, wanted to tour up and down the U.S. to the show with them.  Why you ask?  Because when HOLLYWOOD first began one of the Mean Jeans was an original member?  Who you ask?  You will have to figure it out.
But, for the tour they wanted a special EP to sell to the throngs and Big Neck was approached.
Mean Jeans recorded a pure rock n roll tune a la the Ramones whereas HOLLYWOOD with new members has been perfecting their sound and recorded a masterpiece of drug infused rock.  (Let's Go Before I Blow My) Brains Out was recorded by Qross at Red Lantern Studios in Portland.  HOLLYWOOD's addition was recorded by their old guitarist at Developing Nations in Baltimore.  Two different studios, two different sounds, one amazing record.
250 on White Vinyl
Crushing Hook Driven Garage Rock from B-More!
HOLLYWOOD - Hits! An All Time Low
On their debut studio album, Stunts, HOLLYWOOD have balanced the blown out fidelity of their first singles (compiled on 2009's, Hits! An All Time Low, also released on Big Neck Records) with 12 newly spit shined punk rock ‘n’ roll barnburners. Over budget and plagued by delays, Stunts took after its namesake, producing minor injuries, and calling for trained professionals. Recorded by Cat Freeland at Beat Babies Studios and mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond at his famous Ghetto Recorders (The Dirtbombs, Andre Williams, Compulsive Gamblers, Bantam Rooster, and The Clone Defects and The Ponys to namedrop but a few!)
“(Scary) Cemetery” opens the album in the key of boogie dirge. “Fire & Grits” could be described as one-half hillbilly and one-half punk, in the spirit of The Cramps, with added cowbell and a breakdown ripped from Juicy Jay. “Doctors Note” uses a glam rock waltz set to the tune of a day in bed, after a night of cough syrup. “Toe-to-Toe” momentarily gets you back on your feet with a cave stomp ode to fighting and fornication. Lyrics about cleavage put to Macgyver-esque ends on “Treasure Chest”, an angry eunuch on “Hater (by Nature)”, and a Nazi film industry on “Sieg Hollywood” are strictly tongue in cheek, but captured here with a primal ardor true to the bands wildly unhinged live act.
“Guitar rock three-piece made up of members of Buffalo hardcore heroes Everything Falls Apart. No core here though, it's driving punk rock that almost sounds like Marked Men with a heavier and less pop-punk delivery. The hooks are there, but with a darker and more angsty tone. Reminds me a little of the more emotive guitar dynamics of the RFTC/Hot Snakes crew as well. Forceful vox and guitar, recorded with a slight bit of fuzz to give it that needed edge. Both A-Side tracks are tough hits and "1995" on the flip is recommended listening as well. Western NY has a lot going on these days, and the Whale are elbowing their way to the front of the DIY pack with this impressive debut and some high energy live sets.” –
Blue Zed 30 sec by bigneckrecords
The Fatal Figures are made up of Aaron, Tracy, and Scott from the Blowtops.  The Blowtops decided to end a decade long reign of garage punk rock history in Buffalo NY a couple years ago playing their last show at Big Neck Record's "Pain in the Big Neck" fest.  Creepy Dave gave up rock n roll for family and a career, but the rest of the band hand a new idea, a new notion, a new sound that they wanted to follow.
The Fatal Figures have a long history of Rock n Roll playing in many bands throughout the years: The Blowtops, The Backstabbers, Concubine Forming, Suck, and the Headknockers.  Deciding to move away from the garage rock horror sound the Fatal Figures embraced more of a punk rock n roll sound in the vein of Pussy Galore.
2 great songs, Blue Zed and Alright, the last a Pussy Galore cover.
Aaron Adduci is a hypnotizing front man, singing, and swaggering around the stage like a drunken Jon Spencer, while Tracy Volker keeps pulling sounds and rhythms from her bass that we have never heard before, and Scott Collins keeps pounding the hell out of his kit.  The Fatal Figures are a force to be reckoned with live.
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